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A focused sound approach to treating musculoskeletal injury.


Since its introduction into the veterinary world, shockwave therapy (ESWT) has evolved. Both the ability of piezoelectric technology to generate shockwaves and the more complete understanding of the biological mechanisms of action provide clinicians that utilize the PiezoWave² Vet the opportunity to avoid sedation, eliminate loud treatment noise, and minimize the cost of equipment maintenance. 

 As science and technology evolve, ELvation USA is committed to help all practitioners to get the best results for their patients by sharing what we're learning from our community of users.

We've provided a few ways that users can share, and exchange information:

  • Free Continuing Education
  • Our Private Facebook Group
  • Our Rehab Lab Podcast
  • Our monthly user forums via zoom
  • A library of best-use videos
German Shepard with linear source
Modern Shockwave is here!


We've curated resources for you and your team to understand the technology, design appropriate protocols, and determine the best applications for use. 

User Guide 246x288

User Guide: Small Animal

The guide reviews our technology, instructions for use, and suggested treatment protocols for the most common indications for shockwave therapy

user forum with pets 246x288

User Forum

Each month we invite a guest to share how they use Piezowave2-vet in their practice, and answer questions or share feedback with other users

Conitnuing Education 246x288

Continuing Education

RACE-approved CE courses to help you expand upon your knowledge of shockwave therapy; the science behind it and its clinical applications for use

Rehab Lab Podcast 246x288

Rehab Lab Podcast

Join Joe Lemon as he highlights veterinarians at the forefront of their field in animal recovery, in both the equine and small animal medicine

Join Our User's Group

Connect with other users and industry experts to discuss protocols and cases. 

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